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The Great Escape

Started by Biggles, Jan 18, 2024, 10:45 PM

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Now there's a timeless movie.  But I cite it for its title.  As I've just registered with the group, and noticed the Forum is waiting to be "populated", I thought I'd throw in an observation.
For many of us, our bikes allow us to escape to a different level of existence. 
But the ladies among us may take exception to the final words in my signature.  In these sensitive days, I'll attempt to cover myself by saying I hold lady riders in high regard.  The second person I taught to ride is a lady, and she most certainly endorses all the sentiments in that excerpt, but would adapt the final words to be "to feel fulfilled".
There, am I off any potential hook?   ::)
For the modern man who lives in the city, riding a bike might be one of the only ways to escape the humdrum monotony. To take off and ride. To be both at one with nature and one with the bike. To feel masculine. Adam Piggott